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The Taylor Mono Display Team is a new for 2023, two ship   airshow display act flying the iconic Taylor Monoplane.

The small, extremely manoeuvrable VW powered Monos are flown to showcase the excellent examples of one of the first homebuilt aircraft post WW2.

The Display

 - the display -

The display routine consists of low-level passes, cross breaks, and oppositions down to 100ft showcasing the highly maneuverable tiny Taylor Monos. In 2024, the team will be a three ship or feature in The Barnstormers!

Perfect for intimate airshows, weddings or events with action close and low to the display line. 

The distinctive sound of the VW engines roaring away and the 'cute' aeroplanes makes a different, and memorable display. 

The team has a accredited Tier 1 FDD so can perform at most events, weddings, fetes or airshows.



The Mono

 - the mono -

Developed in the 1950s by J.F. Taylor, the Taylor Monoplane (J.T.1) was the first post-war homebuilt design to come from England. Having completed them in his upstairs lounge, the wings, fuselage, and tail units were all lowered from the 4.5-foot-tall second-story window on ropes, sliding them down a ladder. 

A Taylor Monoplane is the perfect antidote to a boring day. With fine performance at minimal expense, brilliant handling, fantastic noise from the VW engine and an undeniably fantastic breeze-in-the-hair experience, there is nothing like a Monoplane for raising a grin.

mono clear.png
The Pilots

- ben gilmore -
g-bmao / mono 2

Ben (21) is a display pilot and drop pilot for drop zones around the UK, flying the Cessna Caravan and Gippsland Airvan.

His Dad was a skydiver which sparked the interest in aviation when he was 7 years old. Ben obtained his PPL when he was 18 flying, achieved his IR(R) at 19 and flew over 500 hours by the time he was 20.

Ben flies formation for the team. His favourite manoeuvre is the split break.

Apart from being a plane nerd, Ben enjoys car racing and go-karting, and searches of pictures of Cessnas all day.


- bruce buglass -
g-bdag / mono 1

Bruce (23) is a display pilot and the aerodrome manager at Sleap Airfield EGCV and runs the SleapKosh23 airshow.

He has been flying since he could walk and grew up at the airfield he now runs. Achieving a PPL aged 16, Bruce now flies aerobatics and formation displays in a Steen Skybolt, and almost 500 hours tailwheel alone. He co-owns G-BDAG with his friend George.

Bruce flies lead, and is also the team's own 'Flying Display Director' so can organise displays outside of airshows.

Aside from running airfields and flying, Bruce rides motorbikes and is a keen skier. 

The Aircraft

 -G-BMAO -

G-BMAO (PFA 1411) was built in 1996 by VA Wordsworth.

It has a VW 1600cc beetle engine producing 50hp at 3300 rpm and 31 litre fuel tank. Also can be fitted with removable canopy.


The aircraft flew around 200 hours and was based at Hinton before Ben owned it. Since then Ben has flown 160 hours on type flying around the UK to airports such as Duxford, Glenforsa and Kirkbride. 

 -G-bdag -

G-BDAG (PFA 1430) was built in 1994 by R.S Basinger.

It has also has a VW 1600cc beetle engine producing 50hp at 3300 rpm and 29 litre fuel tank. It has the original gear type fitted to monos, making it easier to land, but not as strong.


The aircraft has flown 400 hours and is one the shiniest examples of a taylor mono plane, having a complete rebuild in 2014.

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