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 - the skybolt -

The Skybolt display is a new for 2024, flown by Mono Display Team pilot Bruce Buglass. 

A loud, fun and smoky classic sports biplane display with barnstorming aerobatics and passes, perfect for small airshows and an exciting add on to a village fete, wedding or event to really make it stand out!

The Display

 - the display -

The display routine consists of low-level passes, loops, stall turns, cubans, and rolls showcasing the highly maneuverable home built sports biplane.

Perfect for intimate airshows, weddings or events with action close and low to the display line to really make your event pop!



The Mono

 - the aircraft -

Among experimental aerobatic biplanes, the Skybolt is the gold standard. The Skybolt is capable of extreme, on-the-edge aerobatics, yet it is polite, predictable and forgiving in the air and on the ground.

There are some 600 Skybolts or so around the world, with only 13 flying in the UK. The Skybolt is by far the most popular 2-place experimental biplane, and is loved for its perfect, classic biplane lines.

There is maximum room for pilot and passenger, and the Skybolt is comfortable and practical for cross-country trips and sport flying. Clean, well constructed examples cruise at nearly 180 mph. Skybolts have always been popular on the airshow circuit.

The Skybolt is a straightforward, honest, and absolutely beautiful biplane.

The Pilots

- Bruce Buglass -

Bruce (23) is a display pilot and the aerodrome manager at Sleap Airfield EGCV and runs the SleapKosh23 airshow.

He has been flying since he could walk and grew up at the airfield he now runs. Achieving a PPL aged 16, Bruce now flies aerobatics and formation displays in a Skybolt, mono and more and has almost 500 hours tailwheel alone. 

Bruce is a 'Flying Display Director' so can organise displays outside of airshows.

Aside from running airfields and flying, Bruce rides motorbikes and is a keen skier. 

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