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 - FDD (TIER 1) -

Bruce Buglass, is the aerodrome manager and lead pilot of the Mono Display team and is also a Tier 1 Flying Display Director (FDD)

Bruce Buglass can offer Tier 1 (small airshow - see CAP403) FDD work for very low cost - to help you put your event on and wow your crowds for less than you might think, working with contacts in the aviation/air display industry. 

The Display

 - booking a FDD -

A FDD is required for any flying display, from fetes, weddings and airshows, to conduct and assure the flying display in a safe manner.

We can assist with and have worked on:

  • Village Fetes

  • Weddings

  • Evening Displays

  • Airshows

  • Fly-Ins

  • Aerodrome operations

  • Music Events

  • Motor Sport Events


- Bruce Buglass -

Bruce (23) is a display pilot and the aerodrome manager at Sleap Airfield EGCV for the last 3 years and runs the SleapKosh23 airshow.

He has been flying since he could walk and grew up at the airfield he now runs. Achieving a PPL aged 16, Bruce now flies aerobatics and formation displays in a Skybolt, mono and more and has almost 500 hours tailwheel alone. 

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